Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Phi Phi Don Climbing Day

We climbed on Phi Phi Don today on "Phi Phi Don's" Tonsai Wall

Phi Phi Don

The climb was great! 300+ feet of fun climbing with glue-in bolts. The grade seemed a little soft compared with back at Tonsai and Railey but the views were amazing.

At 3:30 we caught the ferry back to Railey which dropped us on a longtail boat for a ride back to Tonsai.

Thaiwand wall in the background


John McVeigh said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I miss it sooo much. A little while ago, I did an environmental conservation program through World Endeavors in Thailand and the nature there was jaw-dropping. Beautiful beaches, rock faces, waterfalls! It is a great place to go and an even better place to make a difference!

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