Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Picasa Albums - Northern & Southern Thailand

Northern Thailand 2007
Southern Thailand 2007


Deborah said...

im using a korean computer, i have no idea what im doing now. the intention of sending u a message.

i dont actually plan to meet boyfriend in wisconsin cuz we're not soulmates...
i've since met others.

the grama shoes arent like crocs but u'd love them.
what the heck, i have so many stories to write and can't remember! i'll start with thailand then.

EUBILISA said...

Very nice place. I would like to visit Thailand pretty soon but my schedule is really tough so it's hard for me to decide now. I've got to visit Indonesia, South Korea, and Philippines. I really like to travel if I have time to spend.

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Aanchal gupta said...

WOW !!!!!! Amazing i seen your picasa album . All images gorgeous & breathtaking . Thanks for sharing with us .

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How much it cost when you travel in thailand?

Luizze Oliveira said...

These all are very nice pictures. You have made ​​many good memories that are looking in this photos. Thailand's culture is unique and different from other Asian countries.

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wilians wilim said...

Thailand trip! Wow!! It has just a awesome place to visit in holidays especially. This is the place where we can easily spend our summer time.
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Anonymous said...

Wow I'm thai but I never go their like you TT

Richard Entrekin said...

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